AlUla Unveils Record-Breaking 85-Metre Giant Swing and Suspended Stair

  • Publish date: Monday، 13 March 2023
AlUla Unveils Record-Breaking 85-Metre Giant Swing and Suspended Stair
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AlUla in Saudi Arabia's north-west, known for its distinctive landscapes, rich history spanning over 200,000 years, and millions of palm trees, has established itself as an exciting destination for adventure seekers.

The place already offers a range of thrilling activities such as mountain climbing, via ferratas, helicopter rides, and more. Recently, two new high-energy activities have been added to the list of things to do for visitors. AlUla Stairway, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, is now accepting reservations.

AlUla's latest adventure activity, the Giant Swing, is designed for those who love to fly through the air at high speeds. Visitors who wish to participate in the Giant Swing can climb up a 100-meter via ferrata to reach the suspended platform. From there, they can choose to jump off the 85-meter-high base, gliding back and forth in a 70-meter arc between the ancient canyon walls.

Both the suspended stairway and the giant swing are available for individuals aged 12 and above. The cost for the experiences is 150 Saudi riyals (Dh147) and 250 Saudi riyals (Dh245), respectively.