Approval to Consider King Saud University an Independent Institution

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 07 September 2022
Approval to Consider King Saud University an Independent Institution
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Royal approval was issued to consider King Saud University as an independent, non-profit institution, under the umbrella of the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh, and to include it under the non-profit Riyadh Foundation upon completion of its establishment.

The regulations currently in force at the University will continue until the University’s Board of Directors approves the regulations governing the academic, administrative, financial, and internal affairs of the University. It also stipulates that the ownership of all fixed and movable assets allocated to King Saud University will be transferred to the university according to its new organizational form.

It has been pointed out that the university's employees are of all categories; in the judgment of those assigned to work at the university with their current benefits until a decision is made on their status.

The approval also confirmed that the change in the organizational form of the University should not affect the conditions and rights of students registered there before the beginning of the semester during which the University's statute is implemented.

According to the University’s statute, it enjoys legal personality and independent financial disclosure as a non-profit academic institution, and it enjoys complete freedom to take all necessary to achieve its goals and manage its affairs.

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