Discover Saudi Arabia’s Most Beautiful Mosques

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 18 January 2022 Last update: Monday، 24 January 2022
Discover Saudi Arabia’s Most Beautiful Mosques

Islamic Architecture is a big part of Saudi culture, as Saudi Arabia is home to two Islamic Holy cities which are Makkah and Al Madinah. There are many other remarkable mosques that you can find across Saudi Arabia that reflect the beautiful Islamic Architecture and histories of these religious sites.

Al Rajhi Grand Mosque

One of Saudi's most important Islamic centers is the majestic Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, Riyadh's largest mosque. With a men's hall capacity of 18,000. A women's area of 2,500 attendees, the Grand Mosque also serves as a venue for community events. Among its amenities are two libraries, an educational hub. There are also digital screens that broadcast the prayers on Fridays, which are translated into seven languages.

It has a stunning Islamic structure while also combining a bit of a modern construction within it.

Jawatha Mosque

Built about 1,400 years ago, the ancient Jawatha Mosque is believed to be the oldest mosque in the eastern Arabian Peninsula. A tribe called Bani Abd Al Qays founded this mosque, and the first Friday prayer outside of Medina took place in it.

What makes the architecture of this mosque so special is that when it is viewed from the outside, it appears as more of a fortress than a mosque with its sand-colored brick walls and low towers.

Upon entering the thick wooden plank doors, you will be greeted by a hall separated by walls embellished by whitewashed arches beneath a traditional thatch and timber roof, giving you a unique spiritual experience.

The mosque has been recently restored and the process has focused on preserving the original materials used in construction.

It is located in Al Kilabiyah, a village located on the northeastern outskirts of Hofuf.

Al Rahma Mosque

Widely known as the Floating Mosque, Al Rahma Mosque is the first mosque in the world to be built over water, as it is designed to float atop a stack of white concrete blocks on the Red Sea.

The mosque is decorated with gorgeous white marble and a giant turquoise dome encircled by vibrant windows and Arabic verses written in swirling script. As it follows an Arabesque architectural style making it a magnificent religious site to visit. 

KAFD Grand Mosque

KAFD Grand Mosque is a recently built in King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh with a modern and unique design making it a true architectural masterpiece. Its concept is based on the desert rose; an occurring crystal formation commonly found in Saudi Arabian deserts.

While the mosque's geometry is based on traditional Islamic patterns, it is also designed with integrated sun shading and architectural features that run parallel with the design concept of the surrounding building structures in KAFD.


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