Follow These Food Influencers in Saudi Arabia!

For the best food recommendations and tasty recipes, follow these food influencers based in Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 02 July 2024
Follow These Food Influencers in Saudi Arabia!

Are you a hardcore foodie who is always looking for the best food spots in Saudi Arabia? Would you like to brush up on your culinary skills and learn to make some delicious treats? Here are some amazing food influencers in Saudi Arabia who share some iconic food spots in the Kingdom as well as some fantastic recipes!

Wejdan Mohammed

She is a professional chef based in Saudi Arabia who shares videos of her delicious recipes! From cream caramel to some scrumptious Hejazi samosas, Wejdan can make it all!

She shares her amazing recipes with more than two million followers!

Njood Food


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If you're looking for some aesthetic and cosy food content, follow @njoodfood! This food vlogger is based in Sharqiya, Saudi Arabia and shares various tasty recipes with 265K followers!

Reem Alahmed

If you're craving a cup of delicious noodles or a scrumptious sweet treat, follow @reem_foodie_! She has the best recommendations for all your food cravings, which she shares with her 264K followers on Instagram!

Mohannad Zohair

Zohair is an architectural engineer by profession and an amazing food vlogger who shares restaurant recommendations and flavorful recipes on his Instagram with 197K followers!

Reham Mohammed

Follow These Food Influencers in Saudi Arabia!

Image source: @rehamphotos. 

Reham is a lifestyle influencer working in Makkah and Jeddah who shares aesthetic photos of delicious foods and treats like sushi, chocolates, sandwiches, and much more!

He has eighteen thousand influencers on Instagram.

Esraa Mahmoud

Follow These Food Influencers in Saudi Arabia!

Image source: @flavors.byesraa.

For the most delicious recipes, follow this Riyadh-based food influencer Esraa Mahmoud who makes videos about her culinary delights!

Mohammed Al Aidos

Follow These Food Influencers in Saudi Arabia!

Image source: @aidoadvisor.

Want to know about the best food spots in Saudi Arabia? Follow Mohammed Al Aidos who shares content about the best culinary retreats in the Kingdom with her 120K followers on Instagram.

Foodies of KSA

The foodie couple Sara and Faisal also share the best dining recommendations in the country on their Instagram page to 27.4K followers.

From a hearty meal to the best coffee, Foodies of KSA know it all!

Shayne Haridas

You all know him as @foodwithshayne and he shares eatery recommendations for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kozhikode.

If you want to know where to enjoy a hearty meal in Saudi Arabia, check out Shayne's recommendations!

If you haven't followed these food influencers yet, follow them soon!

Main image source: @njoodfood Instagram page

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