For All Mothers to Be: You Can Do It!

Being prepared is always a good way to begin your pregnancy journey, here are some physical and online places that might help you get ready.

  • Publish date: Monday، 21 March 2022 Last update: Thursday، 24 March 2022
For All Mothers to Be: You Can Do It!
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A Mother to Be

Mom, that magical word you thought you would never hear because you always saw yourself as a child.
If you are a fresh mother then you understand exactly what I’m talking about. That contradictory feeling of holding a responsibility of another human being, while still you are holding that inner self of yours; that forever child you have hidden inside since maturity.

Once you see that pregnancy test turns into the positive sign, the whole world changes in your eyes. You find yourself caught in a whirlpool of emotions where fear and excitement colliding together. You start educating yourself, reading about pregnancy, fetus health and parenting. You think it’s a scientific theory that you have to master and make a reality. Yet, you have to realize that it’s not your job to control circumstances because life happens, and when it does you have to respect that no one is perfect including you.

Being prepared is always a good way to begin any journey, yet do not feel guilty if something goes wrong. Here are some physical and online places that might help you get ready.

Physio Natal

This is a physiotherapy center specialized in women's health in all stages of their lives. It’s located in Riyadh, yet they sometimes hold online sessions tackling topics that interest all women. They have a great focus on pregnant women journey by offering helpful educational programs. Their Instagram page is also informative so if you are still wondering what to do, just take a look there.   

Flo Health App


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Flo is an app that tracks your period-cycle and your pregnancy journey. It asks you to give basic information about your health, then customize the information and articles that shall appear in your page. This app comes to you with tips from experts taking you to the right direction. You can not merely depend on it but it’s a good way to get yourself familiarized with pregnancy, child terminology.

Children Salon

It’s a website where you can buy some good quality goods for your kid. Here you will discover the latest arrivals, designer exclusives and fun features for all of your kids to enjoy. The collections they are offering varies from expensive pieces to those with reasonable prices. Take a look you might something you’re your children will share forever as a newborn.  

Mima Kids


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Mima stands for creativity, design and innovation, and develops elegant and functional products for your family. What is so astonishing here is their baby strollers designed in a very unique and stylish way.  

Anett Boutique

This store offers handmade beddings and nests with high level of details. Here you can find cute little stuff that can build your child dreamy world. With its different designs and colors, they are comfy, relaxing, functional and lovely to the eye to see. You can also ask to customize any peace you order with your child name.