Kashth, A Saudi Traditional Restaurant Opening Its Branch in Riyadh

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 16 March 2022 Last update: Friday، 18 March 2022
Kashth, A Saudi Traditional Restaurant Opening Its Branch in Riyadh
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The Taste of Memories 

Sometimes walking around the country does not draw the full picture of its roots and how it developed through the years. Hence, we have museums, historical sight-seeing or simply interacting with old people who lived through different eras. In Riyadh, you can do all of that and on top of it experience that authentic Saudi food under one roof. This place will take you in a journey inside the Saudi 80s collective memory, more like a museum restaurant. Embarking its story in AlQasim, Buraidah to open its branch in Riyadh today. This place as they label themselves is, the taste of memories.

Decoration & Ambiance


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The ceilings are high, and the front window glass invite the sunlight so the place can shine in its own way, representing the 80s style in every corner. Walking into this place is literally like walking into an 80s Saudi houses. You will find there everything that featured that age. The main thing you will notice is those street-like walls with street lightings hanging all over the place, and old common phrases written on the walls. This place is fully crowded by antique pieces and objects that we used to see on Saudi cities’ streets everywhere such as phone booths, mailboxes, and vintage AC. Some walls are decorated with vintage-printed plates to maximize the feeling of nostalgia.  

If you like a vintage ambiance portrayed in a modern way, this the perfect place for you. They have taken that extra mile with their décor to the extent that they added some corner for the mere purpose of showing that vintage vibes. Vintage furniture corner, where you can see a Saudi typical living room from the 80s, it contains a vintage rug, a vintage fan, a vintage sofa, a vintage TV, a vintage vacuum, and a vintage Atari video game unit. Those old drinks have a corner of their own too, where you can see vintage Pepsi cans; not to mention that vintage vending machine. They also didn’t neglect that intellectual part of the Saudi culture displaying some vintage magazines. It’s defiantly a memorial display.



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Featuring Saudi chefs for sure this restaurant have gained the admiration of its Saudi visitors. People are saying the food quality here is the kind of quality you can trust. It feels like home eating here. You can be introduced to the main Saudi traditional dishes here like; Mandy, Maqloubah, Gereesh, Okra, Daqous (chili sauce), and their signature Spicy Humus. Rice dishes comes in great portions, since the culture in Saudi is to have a sharing dish for everyone. Prices are reasonable for such a dine in experience, and the staff is friendly, respectful and welcoming; as one of google maps reviewers said: “they would give you the bulbs of their eyes”. In a nutshell, here you can taste those Saudi memories in their raw version.