Live Through an Unforgettable Experience At the Edge of the World

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 February 2022
Live Through an Unforgettable Experience At  the Edge of the World
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Did you ever know that you can visit the edge of the world in Saudi Arabia? This popular destination is known for its 300-meter-high cliff, which overlooks the landscape and has an expansive view of the horizon. The spot’s original name is Jebel Fihryan then was called by its visitors “The Edge of the World”.

The 305-meter drop descends into an ancient ocean bed as part of the much bigger Tuwaiq mountains. While standing on the cliffs, you can see dried rivers winding through the terrain, and you may even see camels roaming in the distance, this was once the site of an ancient caravan route. 

The Story Behind Its Formation

It is believed that the cliffs were formed by the tectonic movement of the Arabian Peninsula resulting from the spread of the Red Sea rift 1,000 kilometers west of the Tuwaiq Mountains. 

It is carved with a clear cut which displays the layers of sand that built up when the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula was covered by a shallow tropical sea during the Jurassic period (150 million years ago). 

You will find fossils along the path as you walk, a reminder that the area was once part of the ocean. It is truly an amazing sight to the eye as you will be surrounded by different ancient artifacts that are part of the protected area. 


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How to Reach the Edge of the World

It takes about 90 minutes to drive from Riyadh to the Edge of the World. There are a variety of routes for hikers to choose from, but with rough ground, steep climbs, and sharp rocks, It is recommended for visitors to be wearing good comfortable shoes.

Local authorities have constructed a road leading to the Edge of the World due to its popularity. Across the road lies the Sha'ib Kharmah, a large green valley that is a great place for picnics. About 15 kilometers of the valley lead to the Edge of the World, where massive cliffs meet the sea.


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Main Image Credit: @marc_nouss on Instagram