Museum of Happiness in Riyadh

A place in Riyadh where you will experience happiness in different ways

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 March 2022 Last update: Thursday، 24 March 2022
Museum of Happiness in Riyadh
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Happiness is not a bill that you can take every morning and live through your day with pleasure. It takes effort, and its definition differs from one person to another.

Yet, there is a global truth that it is a human goal, and can be brought in the simplest ways ever. It could be a cone of ice cream, a balloon, a kind word, or a smile. Human beings are not that complicated but in their long-term pursuit of happiness, they may lose their way or deviates from their route; here comes the need for those small reminders of how life can be joyful. Happiness is a human need rather than a goal.

In the Happiness International Day, we chose to share with you this place in Riyadh that is mainly made to flourish your souls.


A museum like no other, it has no paintings or material heritage, its heritage is to spread happiness. Museum of Happiness, as its name suggest, is a place to draw a smiley memory to all visitors. It’s a museum where you can “Find happiness in different ways all in one place”. It consists of different rooms each with different unique experience that will spark that beautiful feeling inside. The theme of the place is colorful, it’s more like a tour, or maze, where a camera man will accompany you through every room to freeze those happy moments on pictures.

Let’s take a tour!

You will walk a lot so just be careful to wear some comfortable shoes. You will start your journey with the pinkish fur room with a giant fluffy bear where you can take a picture cuddling with it. Then you will move to different areas, the gum room, the lemonade room where you will ride a bicycle to juice those lemons, the cake room, the duck bathtub room, and the pink pool, etc. At the end of this tour, you will find some souvenirs, a coffee shop, and the booth to take your pictures taken throughout the happiness tour, either printed or on a CD.

This spot is very different and unique if you are in the hunt for an extraordinary experience. It’s also perfect for your kid birthday, a date with your loved one, or a fun night with friends. It’s defiantly a photo friendly placem where you can take a bunch of pictures, it’s basically a photo set staged for you. You need a ticket to get in there, bear in mind that you will have to pay for your pictures if you asked the cameraman to take some. Life is short, so live it today in a light mood, with great vibes.


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Reservations via Website: https://museumofhappiness.sa/

District: Riyadh Front – Gate 3

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/HYpZyHhBQj5GfVcg7