Places to Enjoy Shopping at When in Riyadh

  • Publish date: Thursday، 17 February 2022
Places to Enjoy Shopping at When in Riyadh

If you are planning to have a shopping spree anytime soon in Riyadh, then you probably need to know about these great shopping spots. Whether you’re looking for something traditional and authentic or simply modern and high-end you will be able to find anything to match your preferences in the beautiful city of Riyadh. 


Going to a traditional is your chance not only to find good quality unique products at amazing prices but also you will discover the authenticity and culture of this country. You will also be able to see for yourself the history of how all trade and shopping started in the region.

Souq Al Zal

You can find many vintages or traditional items at Souq Al Zal, the most historic and largest antique market in Riyadh. When you first walk around its alleys you will be overwhelmed by the aromatic smell of incense, Oud, and spices. Being open since 1901, you will surely feel like you are taking a walk down history. 

There are many textiles shops as well with high-quality fabrics and beautiful intricate designs. Women usually visit there to choose fabrics to their likings and then take it to the Tailor to have her own custom-made clothing piece. The best thing is that you can negotiate your way when it comes to prices and end up with the best bargains. 

Also, you will find handmade items with exclusive materials and different kinds of leather. It is essential to try out the different perfume shops if you are into heavy Arabian scents.

Don’t forget to get yourself a delicious cup of Saudi Coffee!


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Shopping Malls

Some people prefer shopping malls over Souq and that’s ok too. You will find amazing shopping malls in Riyadh, with all your favorite mains stream fashion brands. 

Kingdom Center

Being one of Riyadh’s most famous landmarks, you have probably seen the Kingdom Center while cruising down its streets. This 99-story high skyscraper is complete Entertainment and shopping center that is a must-visit for everyone. 
You will find a mix of luxury high-end brands that you can splurge on or our beloved mainstream shops for more street-style outfits. 

Places to Enjoy Shopping at When in Riyadh
The building has a cinema theatre, Four Season Hotel, and the famous Sky Bridge that will give you a bird's eye view over the stunning city of Riyadh. 

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