Qiddiya Unveils Spectacular Performing Arts Centre

  • Publish date: Monday، 01 July 2024
Qiddiya Unveils Spectacular Performing Arts Centre

Qiddiya City, one of the most ambitious projects in Saudi Arabia, has unveiled its stunning new Performing Arts Centre. This addition complements the city’s other major attractions, including the region's largest water park and a massive stadium.

The Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre is designed to offer a unique cultural experience for both residents and visitors. With a capacity of up to 3,000 seats across three theaters, the venue is set to host over 260 indoor and outdoor performances annually.

More than just a performance venue, the Centre will act as an incubator for young Saudi talent. It will provide educational resources and opportunities, enriching the minds of future writers, producers, and actors while creating thousands of jobs in the burgeoning arts sector.

Nestled between the Tuwaiq mountains, the Centre is expected to welcome nearly 800,000 visitors each year. Its theaters will offer a full 360-degree experience, including a cantilevered amphitheater with stunning views of the city’s lower plateau and a versatile 500-seat venue suspended from above.

Beyond performances, the Centre aims to be a vibrant community hub. Visitors can explore dining, retail, and educational entertainment options. The venue also features a rooftop sky garden, art galleries, and green spaces for relaxation and inspiration.

A highlight of the development is the promenade walk extending across the Tuwaiq cliffs. This pathway leads to a shaded section beneath the Centre, offering a breathtaking viewing platform over the city.

The Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre is poised to become a landmark of cultural and community engagement, showcasing Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering talent and providing world-class entertainment.

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