Riyadh Public Transport Begins Operation

Riyadh's public buses started operating on Sunday.

  • Publish date: Monday، 20 March 2023
Riyadh Public Transport Begins Operation

The Royal Commission for Riyadh City announced on Sunday the beginning of operations of the first phase of Riyadh's public buses within the King Abdulaziz Public Transport Project.

The ticket fare for travelling in Riyadh buses is set at SR 4. The ticket will be valid for two hours, starting from when the passenger boards the bus and logs in or activates the ticket through the application. The passenger can board another bus within the two hours that the ticket remains valid and the ticket purchase mechanism will benefit from the service. 

The King Abdulaziz Public Transport Project consists of trains and buses and costs $22.5 billion and it is considered one of the largest public transport projects in the world. 

The Riyadh Buses Network will have over 800 buses and they will cover a total length of 1,900 km when the five phases of the network become fully operational. The network will be operated through 86 lanes, therefore it will serve passengers through more than 2,900 stations. 

The public transport project will be fully operational during the fourth quarter of 2024. The first phase of the Riyadh Buses project will improve interconnections in various parts of the capital city and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. 

Image source: Royal Commission for Riyadh City official website

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