Saudi Arabia Announces Mandatory Employment Test for Indians: Report

  • Publish date: Sunday، 04 June 2023 Last update: Monday، 05 June 2023
Saudi Arabia Announces Mandatory Employment Test for Indians: Report

Saudi Arabia has started conducting mandatory skill verification exams prior to approving work visas for Indians, according to a report by The Economic Times.

The Skill Verification Programme (SVP) test, which has been made required for several job categories in the initial phase, will progressively be extended to all other occupations.

The Saudi SVP, which was introduced in 2021, aims to improve the caliber of the country's professional workforce by prohibiting the employment of those who are not qualified. Professional workers who are employed in Saudi Arabia or who intend to do so must pass written and practical exams as part of the program.

This mandatory test will be needed of people seeking for the 19 jobs indicated below:

-Building Electrician


-Pipe Fitter

-Automotive Electrician


-Underwater Welder

-Flame Cutter

-Drilling Rig Electrician

-Electrical Equipment Assembler

-Electrical Transformer Assembler

-Electrical Panel Assembler

-Electrical Equipment Assembler

-Electrical Equipment Maintenance Worker

Electrical Cable Connector

-Electrical Power Lines Worker

-Electronic Switch Board Assembler

-Black smith

-Cooling Equipment Assembler

-Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning Mechanic.

Recruitment companies have been informed about the required exam by the Saudi Arabian embassy in India.

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