Saudi CEE Sectors: Retail and Finance Top the List

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 February 2023 Last update: Friday، 24 February 2023
Saudi CEE Sectors: Retail and Finance Top the List

Despite the changes and uncertainties that have occurred in the Saudi CEE market over the past few years, the top three sectors - Non-grocery retail, Grocery retail, and Financial services - have remained strong. Many brands within these sectors have continued to provide high-quality service, products, and experiences that customers have grown accustomed to, resulting in their loyalty.

Customers who have positive experiences tend to return and spend money, which has enabled Hilton, an international hotel chain, to achieve the top position in the Saudi CEE brand rankings this year.

Hilton's focus on providing a consistent customer experience and its rewards program proved successful in increasing customer loyalty and driving the company to the top of the rankings.

The return of travelers to a more familiar "normal" after the easing of pandemic restrictions also played a role. Hilton's high scores in Loyalty and Integrity pillars in 2022 further indicate the strength of its customer retention strategy.

Fast food retailer Albaik maintained its excellent performance in customer experience, ranking second this year despite dropping a spot. The brand scored high in Integrity and Loyalty, which contributed to its customer loyalty in the Saudi market. Albaik expanded its customer base by opening multiple branches across Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with some new branches offering drive-through options for added convenience. Dr CAFE ranked third, largely due to its Personalization efforts, which emphasized the importance of tailoring digital and CX strategies for a seamless customer experience.

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