SEAMLESS KSA 2023: The World’s Best Fintech Experts In One Place!

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 30 August 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
SEAMLESS KSA 2023: The World’s Best Fintech Experts In One Place!

The world looks upon the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with admiration for its launch of giant economic projects and ambitious programs aimed at creating a qualitative leap across various sectors and diversifying income sources beyond oil.

Developing the financial sector and making it an active player in supporting national economic development, stimulating savings, financing, and investment is a noble goal within Vision 2030.

One aspect of this is to improve banking services increase the capital of banks operating in the Kingdom and develop electronic payment systems, in addition to hosting a number of regional and international conferences and events that are concerned with the sector.

This article will focus on the Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023 exhibition, highlighting key information and details related to it. 

About the Seamless Exhibition 

The "Seamless" conference and exhibition is one of the prominent international events specializing in the field of payments. It brings together some of the most renowned experts and specialists in the payments sector, financial technology, retail, e-commerce, logistics, and digital marketing. 

This conference, which captivates the world's attention, discusses the latest innovations and future opportunities that contribute to the growth of development and innovation in the financial sector and digital payment systems. It also addresses emerging issues that directly and indirectly impact the payments sector. 

Agenda of Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023 

SEAMLESS KSA 2023: The World’s Best Fintech Experts In One Place! 

The Seamless KSA 2023 exhibition is themed "Empower to Innovate". The current edition features participation from over 450 local and international companies, along with 200 emerging financial technology companies. The conference includes dialogue sessions for exchanging experiences and viewpoints, with 450 speakers from experts in the payments sector and digital solutions on a global level. 

Furthermore, Seamless Saudi Arabia has formed a strategic partnership with "Saudi Payments", stemming from the Kingdom's leading role in the financial sector regionally and internationally. This partnership reinforces Saudi Arabia's pivotal role in aligning with the efforts of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) to achieve the goals of Vision 2030 in the complete digital transformation of the financial sector. Notably, "Saudi Payments" will showcase its latest digital services and solutions for the national payment system, in addition to their leadership participating as keynote speakers in discussion sessions and workshops. 

Seamless Conference’s Goals 

Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023 conference aims to spotlight the latest innovations in payments, financial technology (FinTech), retail, and e-commerce. Additionally, the exhibition features in-depth discussions about the future of payments in the Kingdom and promising technological solutions. 

Moreover, "Saudi Payments," wholly owned by the Saudi Central Bank, will present the latest electronic payment technologies that aim to enhance the adoption of these solutions, develop the financial payments sector, enable e-commerce and retail, and contribute to supporting the digital economy flourishing in the Kingdom.

This will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of development, innovation, and the utilization of these technologies to drive the transition towards a cashless society.