Where to Get Coffee with Delicious Treat in Riyadh?

Riyadh people are the sweetest tooth ones, they love to pair their coffee with a bite of yumminess

  • Publish date: Saturday، 12 March 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 15 March 2022
Where to Get Coffee with Delicious Treat in Riyadh?
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Life can get hard or bitter but there is nothing that can treat you smoothly like a sweet can do.

Everyone is listing that yummy restaurant and those great coffee shops, but what about those places that serve the treatable sweets in town? Riyadh people have the sweetest tooths, they love to pair their coffee with a bite of yumminess. So where are those places in Riyadh that offer a decent coffee with mouthwatering dessert?


It is as if you are enjoying coffee in the middle of a small semi forest. Namaq is that cozy elegant place where everything meets with nature, the decoration itself, and the sounds of birds singing their hymns all with this background of water music from the fountain/lake centrally located in all seating areas. The staff there are really friendly and welcoming. Ordering coffee at this place is never enough by itself, because their dessert will exceed your expectations at all levels, especially Namaq Cake. A hot from the oven molten chocolate cake served with some vanilla ice cream, the mixture of the temperature is what makes this an incredible experience.

Location: Riyadh

District: AlMalqa


This place might not be a spot for a dine in coffee with desert, it’s more like grab and go. The decoration is a little bit modern, same as their deserts that they serve with their own touch. Passing by you must never miss on their mini cheesecake. Those little mellow drops of heaven will melt inside your mouth and give that feeling of satisfaction you have been earning. What so special is that they have those traditional Saudi Kleija, which is normally filled with date, yet here it’s filled with soft creme brulee. If you want to try something traditional with a unique touch this is a good bite to have.     

Location: Riyadh

District: Ar Rabi

Picoolo Café and Lounge


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The night is always young for some coffee and dessert. Picoolo name is taken from the Italian language referring to a small latte cup. This place today offers a variety of sweets and not to mention their yummy breakfast. A rooftop open area there will be the cherry on the top. The ambiance and vibes are nice and the service is great. People are recommending the date cake, and their cheesecake. Morning or night, this is a place if you are in the mood for some real good time.  

Location: Riyadh

District: AlAqiq


People in Saudi used to visit this coffee shop in Dubai, it’s a very well-known destination for most Arab. Finally, it’s near more than ever. The location itself is fascinating. You can go for a walk, especially in those good weather days, in Riyadh Front; or go for shopping and what is better than closing your spending with a cup of coffee and a bunch of chocolate. Kunafah cheesecake, baby dynamite with some Saudi coffee is a must when go there. This place will defiantly hook you forever.  

Location: Riyadh

District: Al Izdihar \Riyadh Front\Riyadh Park