A Saudi Shop Where You Can Enjoy Flowers and Coffee

Call it a gift shop or a coffee shop, Zohair is an artistce place in Riyadh that you have to visit.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 08 March 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 09 March 2022
A Saudi Shop Where You Can Enjoy Flowers and Coffee

Having a beard, growing not only hair but growing flowers too. Zohair AlGhamdi, a Saudi entrepreneur breaking all the rules of society that a man is not as delicate to take care of such a beautiful thing as flowers.

He proved to everyone how creative and unique he is by taking something that so typical and turning it into a form of art. Once he entered this industry, he was not an expert in the field, from scratch of zero-knowledge, to an expert who wants to spread the knowledge.

Started his business as a gift shop in Riyadh to blossom into a place that combines coffee with flowers in the most romantic and artistic way.

Starting point

AlGhamdi says that he started his business merely for the financial benefits he can make. He began training employees to take off his gift shop, to utilize advanced tools in arranging flowers. He always kept an eye for what is going on in the flower-related market, to be consistently updated.

“Flowers arrangements have never been taught in Saudi schools, so we need to educate ourselves, and provide the proper training to keep up with the flowers industry”, said AlGhamdi in an interview he did with the Saudi TV. With his great ambition, he is looking forward to filling this educational gap by establishing a training center at his shop in the coming days, and to be restricted to hiring Saudis all the way.   

Every bouquet tells a story

Going through AlGhamdi Instagram is a wonderful trip surfing a lot of breath-taking bouquets. Every single bouquet is unique in its own way, it’s alluring how the same flowers can be put in so many shapes. The charm of each idea hits you to hit that follow button, it makes you want to have the next bouquet, to have that artistry for your own story. Paying attention not only to the type of flowers, but their colors, and other details that can elevate the look and feel of the bouquet. Be it for an occasion or for self-rewarding moment, you deserve an elegant bouquet from this shop.

It’s not a usual flower-gift experience

Imagine that mix; the smell of flowers with the smell of coffee. It’s not that usual to find that joy in one spot. This place is basically the land of art for coffee and flowers lovers, AlGhamdi himself designed the whole place from A to Z. He has the touch of an artist, you can tell it by the way took his shop from one level to the next, to the next, to be the best. We all know and experienced how boring it can get waiting for your bouquet to be ready, here you do not need to wait, you will enjoy your cup of coffee instead of that. Even if you were only in the hunt for a cup of coffee, this place has the best scenery with all the flowers hanging around the place. Sip some coffee and sniff some flowers.

Location: Riyadh 

District: Qurtubah