All about Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day

  • Publish date: Monday، 18 September 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
All about Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day

The commemoration of the Saudi Arabia National Day is an opportunity to celebrate the rich cultural and historical heritage of this venerable nation.

The National Day serves as a special occasion that unites the Saudi people in expressing their shared feelings of pride and belonging to the present they have built and their efforts to elevate it and lead it on both the regional and global stages. In this article, we’ll focus on Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day and the key milestones that the Kingdom has passed through its history, as well as the achievements that have been realized and the monumental projects that are shaping the present and future of its people. 

About Saudi National Day 

All about Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day

The Saudi National Day is celebrated annually on the 23rd of September to commemorate and celebrate the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 by King Abdulaziz Al Saud. After years of struggle, King Abdulaziz succeeded in unifying the kingdom under one flag. He issued a decree changing the name of the state from “Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd and its Dependencies” to “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” thus founding a strong unified nation built on the principles of justice and development. As such, this day holds significant importance not only in the hearts of Saudi citizens but also for all Arabs. 

Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day Logo 

All about Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day

The festivities of Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day kick-off under the slogan “We Dream, We Achieve!” (In Arabic: نحلم ونحقق) inspired by the aspirations of the kingdom's sons and daughters and their dreams that have turned into tangible realities in various aspects of life. This is evident in the monumental projects that have sprung from Vision 2030, as Saudi Arabia aspires not only to regional but also Arab and global leadership. This further solidifies Saudi Arabia's strength and position, allowing it to continue playing a pivotal and impactful role on all levels. 

Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day Celebrations 

All about Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day

The celebrations of the Saudi National Day are characterized by joy and happiness, as the Saudi people take to the streets and squares to participate in various events held throughout the kingdom. The festivities include spectacular air shows by the Royal Saudi Air Force, along with fireworks that adorn the kingdom's sky. Folkloric performances and festivals showcase national songs and melodies, while cultural and artistic exhibitions reflect the rich heritage and culture of this generous nation. The magnificent scene is further enhanced by the decoration of streets, official buildings, municipalities, squares, citizens' cars, and homes with Saudi flags and national decorations, creating an atmosphere brimming with a sense of belonging to this beloved nation. 

The celebrations are not limited to this alone, as the schools and universities organize special events for this occasion, enhancing national awareness among the younger generations through educational activities and programs aimed at acquainting them with the kingdom's history and values. Additionally, entertainment venues offer shows and discounts that cater to men, women, and children. Likewise, restaurants serve the finest dishes, and shopping centers host renowned international brands, all contributing to the joy and happiness of this cherished occasion for everyone's hearts. 

Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day Projects 

As part of the Kingdom's celebrations on its 93rd National Day, it is essential to highlight the ambitious projects that represent Saudi Arabia's cultural face: 

The Cube Project 

We start the list of Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day Projects with “The Cube” Project, which stands as the world's first interactive destination. It seamlessly combines state-of-the-art digital technologies, unique cultural landmarks, and distinctive brands all in one place! Notably, this ambitious project encompasses office spaces, hotel residences, as well as diverse entertainment facilities. 

Saudi Astronauts 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched an ambitious project “Saudi Astronauts”, that’s aimed at making its mark in the exploration of our vast universe through space missions. This program aims to train Saudi cadres to participate in space journeys, contributing to scientific experiments and international research. 


The “Sindalah” Project is one of the prominent projects within the future city of NEOM, announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is part of a long-term plan to transform Saudi Arabia into a luxurious tourist destination along the Red Sea, catering to boat owners and yacht enthusiasts seeking luxury and opulence! Sindalah's facilities encompass a world-class marina, and hotel units designed to the highest global standards, in addition to entertainment and sports facilities, captivating natural landscapes, innovative architectural designs, and advanced technologies. 

The Line Project 

“The Line” Project, dubbed by international newspapers as a “Saudi-made engineering marvel!” highlights the focus on quality of life and sustainability. The city aims to enhance social interaction and reduce pollution by preserving 95% of its natural spaces and lands without human intervention. 

King Salman Park Project 

Were you impressed by Central Park in New York City? It will not be easy to describe your feelings when King Salman bin Abdulaziz Park Project in Riyadh is completed, the largest urban park in the world! It will offer a unique experience to visitors through a diversity of activities and abundant plant coverage. 

“CEER” | The First Saudi Electric Vehicle Brand 

The company “CEER” is the first Saudi brand to manufacture electric cars in the Kingdom. This step reflects the Kingdom's commitment to achieving its Vision 2030 by developing and elevating the level of the local industry in general, and the electric car industry and its accessories in particular. 

Shuaibah IPP PV 

In our discussion of Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day Projects, we move to the Shuaibah IPP PV, which embodies the Kingdom's efforts to enhance the use of renewable energy. The cost of purchasing electricity generated from solar energy has been reduced to 1.04 US cents per kilowatt hour, the lowest globally! 

Sports Boulevard 

The sports sector has its share of the ambitious vision of the Kingdom. The Sports Boulevard is one of the most prominent urban development projects in Riyadh. Expected to be the world's largest linear park, this project aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing infrastructure for various sports activities such as walking, cycling, horseback riding, etc. 

Soudah Development 

The “Soudah Development” project is a luxurious tourist destination that offers its visitors a unique cultural, heritage, and entertainment experience. It is situated atop the highest peaks of the Kingdom, reaching an elevation of 3,015 meters above sea level. The project aims to attract 2 million tourists annually. 

The ALULA Project 

The rich city of AlUla embodies the vision of Saudi Arabia in developing cultural tourism. Located in the northwest of the Kingdom, the city reflects civilizations that are over 200,000 years old. Its surroundings are filled with living evidence, cultural assets, and human creativity derived from deep history, making it a destination for explorers and adventurers from all over the world. 

Diriyah Gate Project 

The last project in the list of Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day Projects is the Diriyah Gate Project which aims to highlight the historical heritage of the Kingdom. Through developing the city as a cultural, heritage, and tourist destination, the project is set to attract visitors and tourists from within and outside the Kingdom. Diriyah holds special significance as the ancestral home of the ruling family and the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia. 

The Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day Holiday 

Official authorities have announced that Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day holiday will be on Sunday, September 24, 2023, coinciding with the weekend. This holiday provides an opportunity for families, residents, and even visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to spend unforgettable times. It's a chance to explore various domestic destinations known for their wonderful atmospheres and refreshing breezes. Prominent among these places are Asir Province, Taif, Abha, & Jeddah cities, offering diverse experiences such as enjoying delicious cuisine, shopping, visiting beaches, unwinding amidst captivating natural surroundings, and engaging in numerous activities that you can relish with family or friends. 

Undoubtedly, Saudi National Day embodies national unity and solidarity among various segments of society. It enhances the sense of belonging and pride in Saudi Arabian heritage and culture. This grand occasion will continue to be a great opportunity to renew the commitment to national unity and strive towards a unified future that preserves the status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and elevates its noble people to boundless horizons.