Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

  • Publish date: Sunday، 13 August 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

One of the major occasions to celebrate in the Kingdom is Saudi National Day.  It falls on September 23rd of each year.

It is one of the country's three non-religious national holidays, along with Saudi Founding Day and Saudi Flag Day.

Across the kingdom, celebrations are held with unique events including parades, concerts, and fireworks.

Green is the primary colour seen throughout the festivities.

Whether it’s on buildings, balloons or baked goods, the country is decked in green in honor of the flag.

Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

When did Saudi National Day start? 

After an epic battle led by the founding King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, may God rest his soul, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established on this day in the year 1351 AH / 1932 AD.

He had previously reclaimed Riyadh, the capital of the kingdom, on the fifth of Shawwal in 1319, which corresponds to January 15th, 1902.

A royal decree was issued by King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud to declare the unification and renaming of the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932.

King Abdullah declared Saudi National Day a public holiday in 2005, allowing for the official closure of businesses and schools.

Since the day was first formally observed in 2015, celebrations have become more extensive.

What happens on Saudi National Day? 

During the Saudi National Day green lights illuminate the cities, flags are hoisted outside of every window, and national anthems are playing.

Restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers all offer unique events and promotions.

Also included are one-time cultural events like concerts and exhibitions. 

Firework displays may be seen all around the kingdom during the Saudi National Day.

Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

What were the Saudi National Day slogan and logo for last year?

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment Turki Al-Sheikh announced the slogan for the 92nd Saudi National Day of last year: “Hia Lana Dar”, which means “It is our home”.


Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

And for this year's one:

For this year’s Saudi National Day, Saudi Arabia unveiled a new identity for its 93rd National Day under the slogan “We Dream and We Achieve,” ahead of the September 23rd yearly celebration.

“Our dreams have not stopped since the foundation of this Kingdom, and we will work to achieve them as long as we live. Let’s celebrate our accomplishments,” the official National Day website reads.

A man and a woman, who stand in for the Kingdom's youth, are positioned at the centre of the new design, surrounded by symbols of different Saudi projects.

Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

How to celebrate the Saudi National Day 2023?

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has released four themed songs as part of the 93rd Saudi National Day campaign launch: "Our Date 2030," "Above the Clouds," "Yes," and "My Home is here."

إطلاق الهوية الجديدة … لليوم الوطني السعودي ٩٣ #نحلم_ونحقق 🇸🇦❤️💪

للإطلاع على الهوية حمل الكتيب:https://t.co/9ds18pQ10x pic.twitter.com/sZx0a9LWXt

— TURKI ALALSHIKH (@Turki_alalshikh) August 3, 2023

You can spot Saudi megaprojects including Diriyah Gate, Neom’s The Line, Qiddiya and Amaala.

If you wish to express your support, you may buy T-shirts, notebooks, pillows, and phone cases which are emblazoned with the brightly coloured logo.

Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day 2023 events

AZIMUTH in AlUla is one of the thrilling confirmed events for the 93rd Saudi National Day.

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A variety of local and regional musicians will perform at the AZIMUTH event.

Everything You Need to Know About Saudi National Day

 Saudi Moments wishes all of you a very happy Saudi National Day!

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