When Is Riyadh Season 2023 Starting?

  • Publish date: Monday، 14 August 2023
When Is Riyadh Season 2023 Starting?

The Riyadh Season is a city-wide celebration of the city and in the larger context, Saudi Arabia and its people. It is one of the many initiatives taken by the Kingdom to boost economic and tourist activity, with a focus on non-religious tourism. The initiative falls in line with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Vision 2030 as Saudi Arabia moves towards a progressive future. 

The Riyadh Season contributes to making the capital, Riyadh, a major incubator and a preferred destination that exceeds the local and international imagination, with what it provides to residents and visitors.

When is Riyadh Season 2023 starting?

Riyadh Season 2023 is coming back with a knock-out fourth round. It is usually conducted during winter across a span of five months, between October to March.

However, the official dates for the next Riyadh Season are yet to be announced. We will be updating this article as soon as they are officially announced.

When Is Riyadh Season 2023 Starting?

Unique pavilions at the Riyadh Season

Last Riyadh Season included 15 pavilions with a special and distinctive entertainment character, the most important of which was: "Boulevard World" in its first opening to embody the cultures of several countries around the world, including America, France, Greece, India, China, Spain, Japan, Morocco, and Mexico, and Venice. 

When Is Riyadh Season 2023 Starting?

Boulevard World hosted a cable car with a capacity of 3,000 visitors per hour, in addition to the largest artificial lake in the world, where visitors could ride submarines for the first time in Riyadh and participate in many other recreational activities.

The Riyadh Season 2022 also included the "Boulevard Riyadh City" pavilion, which has been very present in the past seasons. Boulevard Riyadh City introduced 12 new restaurants and cafes and hosted 25 Arab and international plays and several weekly parties during Riyadh Season 2022.

The "Winter Wonderland" pavilion returned last year with five new games, while the "Square" pavilion hosted eight international restaurants.

When Is Riyadh Season 2023 Starting?

The "Riyadh Sky" pavilion offered lounges that embrace the clouds for distinctive types of drinks and meals, while the "Via Riyadh" pavilion included a chain of restaurants and cafes, a five-star hotel, and seven cinemas.

What events can we expect for Riyadh Season 2023?

The Riyadh Season is always brimming with events and activities, with more than 8,500 activity days and experiences in the last one. Similar events and activities are expected for Riyadh Season 2023 as well.

What we already know is that world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will fight against former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou on October 28th. For his fight-off with Fury, Ngannou will be trained by none other than Mike Tyson! 

When Is Riyadh Season 2023 Starting?

We will update you with the events and activities taking place at Riyadh Season 2023 once they are officially announced.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some of the most exciting events and activities held at Riyadh Season 2022:

  • Area 51: Area 51 featured VR games, music, and sculptures created by some of the world's best artists from Las Vegas to Riyadh. 
  • The Century Theatre: This was one of the premier Riyadh Season 2022 activities. It featured live musical performances and theatrical productions that reflect both local and global cultures.
  • Riyadh Zoo: It included more than 1,300 animals from 190 species.
  • Fan Festival: The festival could accommodate more than 20,000 World Cup fans for each match; It includes an exhibition of the player Maradona, and an exhibition of the English club Newcastle.
  • Riyadh Season 2022 also included a range of sporting events such as WWE, the Riyadh Season Cup, Cirque du Soleil international shows, and 65 days of fireworks events. 
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