Fun Things To Do In Riyadh

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 January 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 29 March 2023
Fun Things To Do In Riyadh

Saudi Arabia is often associated with Islamic landmarks while the fun aspect is put on the side. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital and main financial hub, is on a desert plateau in the country’s center.

Business district landmarks include the 302m-high Kingdom Centre, with a sky bridge connecting 2 towers, and 267m-high Al Faisaliah Centre, with a glass-globe summit. In the historical Deira district, Masmak Fort marks the site of the 1902 raid that gave the Al Sauds control of Riyadh. 

If you are visiting Saudi Arabia and passing by its capital, Riyadh. Then you can have fun as we have got you, here are fun things to do in Riyadh! 

Visit The Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center

Kingdom Center - Omrania

Take the high-speed lift to the 99th floor of the iconic Kingdom Center for access to Riyadh’s best urban panorama. Suspended 300 meters above the city, the tower’s curved Sky Bridge offers spectacular views across the Riyadh skyline and beyond, and is a must-do experience for visitors passing through the capital.

Explore KAFD mosque

6 Amazing Facts on the Exceptional KAFD Mosque in Riyadh | About Her

A landmark within a ‘forest’ of skyscrapers, the building represents the spiritual center of the Master Plan and serves as the Jumu'ah (Friday) mosque for the visitors and residents of the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD); an all-new mixed-use district in Riyadh.

The Mamsak Fort

While the city is a modern metropolis, complete with towering skyscrapers and a 99-story-high sky bridge, you’ll also find the 150-year-old Al Masmak Fortress in the heart of the old quarter. 

Quad bike in the Bed Sand Dunes

Desert Safari by Quad Bike – Saudi Arabia Tours

Kick off your tour with a pick-up at your hotel in Riyadh and drive to Red Sands, an area of red desert sand dunes in northeastern Riyadh.

Dine in the glass ball of Faisaliah Hotel

Located in the heart of the city and setting new standards for luxury, Al Faisaliah Hotel is one of the most sought-after addresses in Saudi Arabia. Its timeless elegance, central location, and panoramic views are complemented by Mandarin Oriental’s signature service to ensure a truly unforgettable Arabian experience.

Image Source: Daily Sabah

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