Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

  • Publish date: Thursday، 25 May 2023
Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

If you're on the hunt for top-notch doughnuts in Riyadh, your cravings are about to be satisfied. Artisan doughnuts in Riyadh have become a favored choice for office gatherings and joyful family events, posing a strong challenge to traditional celebratory cakes.

Glaze – The Donut Boutique

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

For Instagram-worthy doughnuts in Riyadh, Glaze - The Donut Boutique is the place to go. They offer a diverse range of baked brioche doughnuts that cater to various tastes. Indulgent options include salted caramel glaze with popcorn topping and graham crackers with toasted marshmallow fluff.

Location: Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Seetah Centre, Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Riyadh 12312


Doughnut Plant

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

Doughnut Plant in Riyadh brings the famous flavors of New York City's renowned doughnut shop to the city. Their doughnuts are freshly made daily using high-quality, all-natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavorings. Indulge in signature favorites like vanilla bean and Brooklyn Blackout and chill in like no other mood.

Location: Doughnut Plant, Al Urubah Rd, Ar Rahmaniyyah, Riyadh 12341


Donuts Time

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

Donuts Time offers a delightful fusion of beloved snacks and doughnuts. Their doughnuts are filled and topped with a variety of delicious options such as Kinder Bueno, M&M and Nutella, pretzel, Lotus crumbs, and Oreo. Indulge in these yummy treats and just forget about everything.

Location: At Taawun, Riyadh 12478


Randy’s Doughnuts

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh
Randy's Doughnuts, originally founded in Los Angeles in 1952, has now opened its doors in Riyadh at Boulevard Riyadh City. Indulge in their classic maple, glazed, or chocolate doughnuts, along with two exclusive Saudi flavors: halawa bagara and halawa tahinia. Randy's Doughnuts is a must-visit for doughnut lovers in Riyadh.

Location: on Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road

@RandysDonuts SA | رانديز دونات


Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

Doh, a Kuwait-based doughnut shop, has recently opened its doors in Riyadh. Delight in their creatively named doughnuts such as Kinder Crush, Big Mess, Tough Love, and After Dark. The eye-catching bright pink spot has gained popularity among locals, offering vibrant interiors perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy moments.

Location: Al Harith Ibn Zayd, Al Aqiq, Riyadh


Krispy Kreme

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

Krispy Kreme offers a variety of soft, mouthwatering donuts including lotus biscoff, chocolate iced glaze, peanut butter kreme, chocolate iced, strawberry filled, and New York cheesecake. Experience the delightful range of donut options available at Krispy Kreme.

@Krispy Kreme Saudi Arabia

Dunkin’ Donuts

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

When it comes to the hottest doughnuts in Riyadh, an American favorite, Dunkin' Donuts, cannot be overlooked. Offering classic flavors that have stood the test of time, their delectable treats are perfect for satisfying your cravings.



Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

hi. is a well-known bakery that specializes in doughnuts but also offers pastries, cookies, and brownies. Their standout doughnut flavors include G.O.A.T with Kinder Bueno spread, kunafa-coated cream-filled doughnuts, pistachio-flavored Green Fairy, and LMN with lemon cream and chia seeds.

Location: Al Mohammadiyyah, Riyadh 12364, Panorama Mall & Nakheel Mall


Duck Donuts

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh
Duck Doughnuts, a renowned doughnut brand from North Carolina, has made its way to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Offering a build-your-own doughnut experience, customers can personalize their freshly baked bare doughnuts with a variety of toppings, coatings, and drizzles. With over 100 locations in the US, Duck Doughnuts is now a top choice for doughnut enthusiasts seeking customization in Riyadh.
Location: Centro An Nakhil, Riyadh

@Duck Donuts Official Duck Don

J.Co Donuts and Coffee

Top 10 Donut Places in Riyadh

Craving a snack? Enjoy a delightful afternoon treat with generously filled and topped doughnuts. Indulge in a variety of flavors such as tiramisu, avocado, black forest, green tea, strawberry, and Speculoos for a satisfying munch. These delectable doughnuts offer a wide range of options to satisfy your cravings.


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