Street Graffiti Rising in Riyadh

The far long Saudi hidden talents, have finally appeared to the surface with the most fascinating artistic murals

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 09 March 2022 Last update: Friday، 11 March 2022
Street Graffiti Rising in Riyadh

Since ages, Riyadh street scenery was the most plain you can ever see. But with the vision of 2030 coming to life, a lot has changed, not only in Riyadh but all-around Saudi Arabia. We started witnessing green trees along the way, and the touch of arts has taken its place among us.

The far long-hidden talents have appeared to the surface. To elevate no only the scenes, but the taste and class of art among Saudis. Here are some of the most fabulous street graffiti that conquered everyone’s social media accounts once they spot them on the way.  

Take a Walk in Diriyah Warehouses

These days everyone is looking for that unique spot to pose themselves in the most artistic way to be attractive in social media platforms. With its vintage sheds and those amazing street graffiti everywhere; Diriyah Warehouses area is the perfect spot. The artists showcase the culture of Saudi people in their own way. Walking around the area, you can see portraits of the most famous Saudi singers and some artistic murals of random females’ characters. It’s defiantly a place where you can grab a cup of coffee in the morning and go exploring, snapping pictures and exercising a bit.  

Location: Riyadh https://goo.gl/maps/sV3uioCRS88Mg44i9

District: Diriyah

Noura Bin Saidan Artwork

Noura Bin Saidan, the Saudi graffiti and mural artist, with her colorful imagination has reflected the historical and cultural aspect of Saudi Arabia. She perfected her art work across the Boulevard Riyadh City that everyone has been posting. Another magnificent piece she participated in with the Ministry of culture, is a large mural in Oud Square located in the Diplomatic Quarter, it is basically a calligraphy of Arabic language letters. Recently, in the Founding Day of Saudi Arabia, Feb. 22, she also painted a piece of art that recounts the events of an honorable past bridging it to the world of today. This work of art takes place in King Abdullah Financial District, KAFD, it took 58 hours to be completed and will last forever for you to enjoy.

Instagram: @nourabinsaidan

Location: Riyadh 

Places: Boulevard Riyadh City, Oud Square, KAFD

Kla5, The Unknown Artist

A Saudi young man, who never let the realities of the world to restrain his creativity, the artists who was encouraged and endorsed by the Saudi Ministry of Culture. He started as an unknown artist named Kla5, since the street graffiti used to be frowned upon in Saudi Arabia, yet today he is the Saudi Arabia’s own Banksy. Old buildings and abandoned places were the perfect canvas for the colors of his passion. He later unveiled his identity as Ali al-Nafaei, and was interviewed in a number of Newspapers like Arab News and Independent Arabia. The drawing gift has grown with him as he grew from a very young age. He admits that his field of study has nothing to do with his art, it is not what he learns but how he expresses himself, and his talents. You can reflect on the gallery of some of the most famous murals of Kla5 at Diriyah abandoned warehouses. (mentioned above)


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A post shared by K l a 5 (@kla5i)


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Instagram: @kla5i

Location: Riyadh

Place: Diriyah Warehouses