Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 November 2023 Last update: Friday، 03 November 2023
Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

Ghulail is a historic district in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, known for its rich cultural heritage. Its roots trace back to the 7th century when it was founded and named after Ghulail bin Qais, a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The district boasts traditional Arabian architecture, including coral stone buildings and narrow winding streets, providing visitors with a glimpse into the city's past.

Where is Ghulail?

Ghulail, located in the heart of historic Jeddah, is bordered by the Al-Balad district to the north and Al-Hindawiya to the south. To the west, it overlooks the Red Sea, while the east connects to various neighborhoods and commercial areas.

Where to Get Groceries

Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • Wusool Bakery and Market
  • Kabayan Supermarket
  • Family Supermarket
  • Brothers Supermarket
  • Mini Market Samaha Store
  • Western Waziriya Supermarket

Where to Shop

Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • South Mall
  • Al Andalus Mall
  • Al Mahmal Center
  • Al Salaam Mall
  • Cenomi Haifa Mall
  • Toko Ali Murah

Where to Stay

Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • Al Nabaress Al Macy Hotel
  • Grand Hotel
  • Al Murooj Kareem Hotel
  • Grand Saha Hotel
  • Touq Balad Hotel
  • Jeddah Park Hotel

Where to eat

Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • Top Form Indian Family Restaurant
  • Paragon Restaurant
  • Al Madina Restaurant
  • Yonbu Cafeteria
  • Al Ameen Restaurant
  • Solidarity Restaurant

Attractions & Activities

Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • King Fahad’s Fountain
  • Bit Al Balad
  • Old Jeddah, Al Balad
  • Nassif House Museum
  • Cannon Obelisk
  • Monument Globe
  • Museum of Home Art


Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

Nurseries and Daycare Centres

  • Little Pearls Nursery
  • Zahrat Alsahra Kindergarten
  • Future Generation International School
  • Bright Future International School
  • Shima’a Kindergarten
  • Dar Al Majd International School

Middle School

  • 10th Intermediate School
  • Jeddah Mount School
  • Granada Middle School
  • Jabal Alnoor Intermediate School


  • Dar Al-Hekma University
  • Effat University
  • Jeddah University
  • AlFaisal University
  • University of Business & Technology

Health Centres

Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • Taj General Medical Speciality and Diagnostic Center
  • Al Mahgar Medical Center
  • New Al Jedaani Hospital
  • Ahgrass Medical Center


Jeddah Neighbourhood Guide: Khayala

  • AlHabib Mosque
  • Jaffali Mosque
  • Shifa Mosque
  • Mosque King Abdulaziz Hospital
  • King Abdullah Grand Mosque
  • Al Ma’amar Mosque
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