Jeddah Announces School Holiday on March 19th for F1 Grand Prix

  • Publish date: Saturday، 11 March 2023
Jeddah Announces School Holiday on March 19th for F1 Grand Prix
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The Jeddah Education Department announced that schools in Jeddah will be closed on Sunday, March 19th, as the city hosts the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Classes, however, will resume through the Madrasati (My School) electronic platform for remote learning for all schoolchildren.

The massive Formula One motor race is scheduled to be held at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit on March 19th, with events running from Friday, March 17th.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has been undergoing preparations to host the third international motor racing event in Jeddah, as the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was first staged in the coastal city in 2021.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2022 tickets are available online from here.  

On another hand, MDLBEAST and F1 are collaborating to present a series of concerts called "Overtake the Future" from March 17th-19th as part of their post-race celebration.

The event will feature Travis Scott, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, and Ahmed Saad.

Image source: @MOE_JDH Twitter account