"Nothing is Signed or Verbally Agreed," Messi's Father Denies Rumours

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 09 May 2023
"Nothing is Signed or Verbally Agreed," Messi's Father Denies Rumours

According to an AFP article published on Tuesday, Messi's potential move to the Middle East was a "done deal," and Al-Hilal is reportedly prepared to offer the famous player a record-breaking contract. 

Messi's current deal at PSG is expected to expire this summer, and it has been claimed that he has already opted against signing a contract extension. The claims have been denied by Messi's father Jorge on social media, who also stated that no decisions would be made until the season was over.

"There is absolutely nothing with any club for next year. The decision will never be made before Lionel ends the league with PSG. Once the season is over it will be time to analyze and see what is there, and then make a decision. There are always rumors and many use the name of Lionel to gain notoriety but the truth is only one and we can assure you that there is nothing with anyone," he said.

"Neither verbal, nor signed, nor agreed, and there will not be until the end of the season. It seems to me a lack of respect towards the media where they respond, that there are those who consciously and deliberately deceive, without providing any proof of their claims and wanting to turn any malicious rumor into the news or that is directed by someone in favor of their interests. They would have to explain why they don't contrast the information... They don't want the truth to ruin their 'news'," he further added. 

"Nothing is Signed or Verbally Agreed," Messi's Father Denies Rumours

There has been a lot of talk about Messi's upcoming transfer, with both a return to Barcelona or a move to Inter Miami being mentioned as possible choices.

According to a story from The Telegraph, discussions for Messi to join Al-Hilal had already begun at a staggering $400 million (£320 million) each year. Thus, a shift to the Middle East appeared to be expected.

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