Here's How You Can Get Married in Saudi as an Expat

  • Publish date: Thursday، 05 January 2023
Here's How You Can Get Married in Saudi as an Expat

Saudi Arabia, a Country in the Middle East is a place for Muslims to travel for religious purposes. Muslims from all over the world travel every year to Saudi Arabia for Umrah/ Hajj. Saudi Arabia also has a great deal in the tourism sector for visitors to travel and explore the Islamic nation. Several foreigners prefer getting married in the country and check out the article below to know the rules and procedures.

If both of the foreigners/expats are in ownership of valid Iqama, they are both eligible to get married in Saudi Arabia. The following is the full procedure if you wish to get married in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama holders, Iqama dependents, and anybody else with a valid visa and an Absher account are all eligible to get married in Saudi Arabia. Along with that, those with visas for family visits and umrah/hajj visas or people with tourist visas are also eligible to get married in the country.

What is an Absher Account and how to register for it?

To get married in Saudi Arabia, one of the expats must create a marriage contract using the Ministry of Justice website. Open the MOJ website at https://inhaatportal.moj.gov.sa/ 

The option as shown below must be clicked by the expatriate and then choose the appropriate region for the location followed by entering the information. 

Here's How You Can Get Married in Saudi as an Expat

What are the marriage requirements by the country?

Saudi Arabia requires one of the expatriates to fill out the paperwork and conclude the marriage. The following are the details required:

1. Enter the names of the husband and wife.
2. Enter the guardian's details.
3- Outsiders getting married in the country do not need to have a pre-medical examination
4- Enter the details for the marriage contract witnesses.
5. Choose the location of your wedding.
6 - Set a password and upload your application.
7- The application number will be assigned by the system.

The Ministry of Justice will then appoint the marriage official.  The groom, bride, bride's guardian, and two witnesses must be present at the marriage planned by the Ministry of Justice at the time and date that it takes place.

The Foreigner will then be required to visit Qazi's secretary. The accuracy of the electronically submitted application will be reviewed by the secretary, who will also ensure that all written names match those on residence permits.

Furthermore, the secretary ensures that the five individuals mentioned above are actually present in the room and then instructs the expats to wait in the waiting room until it is their moment. Questions concerning marriage acceptance will be made to the bride and the groom. Moreover, the secretary will inquire about the bride's father having received the Mahar. It is important to remember that the groom's father must certify accepting the Mahar in this case. If not, the secretary will request that the groom first pay the Mahar before coming for the ceremony.

If all goes well, the Qazi will congratulate both of the international newlyweds on their successful marriage in Saudi Arabia.

Here's How You Can Get Married in Saudi as an Expat

After the marriage, in addition to the original marriage certificate, the couple will receive three duplicates that have been properly stamped by them. It will be required for them to show the authorities these copies on multiple occasions, hence they are important. After completing this, the newlyweds must go through the "Transfer of Wife's Sponsorship to your Name" step.

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