Things to Enjoy in Riyadh from June 19th to 21st

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 June 2023
Things to Enjoy in Riyadh from June 19th to 21st

A variety of enjoyable things have been gathered for you to check from June 19th to 21st.

Pick whatever amaze you from the bundle below and enjoy to the max:

Consider visiting Elements Artisanal Bakery

The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre has recently launched an off-site location at Via Mercato in Via Riyadh. It shows the hotel's product line and culinary artistry to perfection. Its delicacies are created with only the finest whole-wheat organic flour and grains, using time-tested methods to create healthful bread during a lengthy fermentation process.

Elements Artisanal Bakery, daily noon to 12.30am, Via Mercato, Via Riyadh, 2941 Al Hada, Makkah Almukarrama Road, Riyadh 12912.

Things to Enjoy in Riyadh from June 19th to 21st

Have steak at Brute

Brute, a newcomer to Riyadh's dining scene, only recently opened its doors at Ramla Terraza, a popular eating spot.

Every location has a different dining area to suit every mood, yet they all have an exceptionally dynamic environment. If you just eat one thing from the enormous menu, pick the Ancho Rib-Eye (SAR220) from the Argentinian Cuts section. The menu offers everything from fantastic beginnings to delectable sweets.

Brute Riyadh, Ramla Terraza, RJ5F+PG5, 7713 King Fahd Rd, As Sahafah, daily 12.30pm to 1pm. @brute_ksa

Things to Enjoy in Riyadh from June 19th to 21st

Check out a female-networking platform

This week in Laysen Valley, the female networking platform WILD is returning to the city. The event will be held in Sumosan and will focus on self-leadership. Speakers from the University of Jeddah, Coach, Saudi Entertainment Ventures SEVEN, and Red Sea Global will share their own journeys to becoming effective leaders.

WILD, Laysen Valley, Sumosan, 6pm to 8.30pm. @wildwomenlead


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Enjoy live music by Rebbi at Bagatelle

Recently opening, Bagatelle Riyadh is already a destination to beat.

You are welcomed on Tuesday, June 20th, inside by stunning royal blue doors, magnificent posters, and blue decorations all around the place, and the delectable food tempts you to remain.

Additionally, the magnificent venue will soon host live performances every Tuesday by the outstanding vocalist Rebbi, who was born in London.

Live music at Bagatelle, MJRM+P2R, Wadi Al Amariyah, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, daily 1pm to 1am. @bagatelleriyadh

Dig into wagyu at Wagyumafia

Hisato Hamada, a self-taught chef turned wagyu expert, and businessman Takafumi Horie are the minds behind Wagyumafia.

A 14-seat gourmet members club in Riyadh will pay respect to the well-known Japanese Wagyu beef by providing an Omakase dish prepared utilising master butchering techniques.

Wagyumafia, MJ8G+MFM, Al Hada, daily 6pm to 11.30pm. @wagyumafia.sa

Things to Enjoy in Riyadh from June 19th to 21st

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