Riyadh Air Reveals Cool New Design for Aircraft

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 14 November 2023
Riyadh Air Reveals Cool New Design for Aircraft

Saudi Arabia's new airline Riyadh Air has revealed its second livery, which includes a lavender-colored end of the aircraft's body and a purple tail.

The aeroplane has striking pink lines, which are inspired by the twisted canopies of the Bedouin tents and the elegant curves of Arabic calligraphy.

The new livery was revealed at the Dubai Airshow 2023.

Riyadh Air's first plane design was revealed in June 2023. The plane has an indigo body and a blue tail, which is inspired by the Kingdom's lavender fields and the night sky. 

This makes the airline one of the few airlines to have a dual-livery design. 

Riyadh Air will operate under the Airline Designator Code RX, which was assigned to them by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The airline is expected to begin operations by 2025.

The airline will connect Riyadh to more than 100 global destinations by 2030. 

Saudi's new national carrier aims to further connect the Kingdom to Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

Image source: @riyadhair Instagram page

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