Baha Festival Is Returning to Riyadh This September

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 16 August 2023
Baha Festival Is Returning to Riyadh This September

The Saudi Ministry of Culture is set to hold its second Traditional Performing Arts Festival, dubbed "Tharaa," in Baha from September 28th to 30th.

The event will promote traditional performing arts in all communities, display genuine dance costumes and musical instruments, and provide a sample of delectable local dishes.

The Alhujainy song performance on camels and the Al-Shihri dance, or Bedouin Samra, which gained popularity in the south, are two performing arts that have been kept over centuries in various parts of the Kingdom.

In addition to highlighting the historical relevance of dances and performances, "Tharaa," an Arabic word that means prosperity, will also pay attention to folktales, songs, riddles, poems, sculptures, and chants.

Visitors can get acquainted with regional customs like Al-Dufuf, a tambourine performance accompanied by oud fragrances and customary Saudi coffee presentation.

The history of the performing arts, customary attire, and performance-related equipment will all be highlighted in the "Stories of Art" section.

Visitors to the "Depths of the Arts" activity will be presented with five doors, each of which represents a different region. As soon as they arrive, they will investigate the local cuisine, culture, and artefacts in current art forms.

There will be a "Field of Creativity" area with live performances from the five regions of the Kingdom presenting more than 20 different performing art forms, interactive screens, and photography stations.

The five regional dances and performances will be included in four back-to-back 10-minute showcases each day throughout the festival.

The ministry's first performing arts festival took place in Riyadh last year as part of initiatives to support Saudi artists in showcasing their talents.

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