Passionate About Creating Music? Join the 'Music for Film' Program

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 September 2023
Passionate About Creating Music? Join the 'Music for Film' Program

If you're passionate about composing music, then you should register for the Red Sea Labs' 'Music for Film' program, which will run from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15.

The program will support emerging composers by providing them with a customized course, which will be taught by globally famous and award-winning musicians and experts.

The program will run for seven days and will be open to both locals and residents in the Kingdom. 

'Music for Film' will provide both theoretical knowledge and practical tasks. 

The program will involve pairing composers with film directors and enhancing knowledge of film scoring to help with the process of filmmaking.

The program will equip composers with technical skills related to scoring, differentiating between music genres, instrumentation for various types of films, and synchronizing music.

'Music for Film' is part of Red Seas Labs' mission to help with the growth of the film industry. 

Are you ready to pursue your music composition dreams? Register for 'Music for Film' then!

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