All You Need to Know About the Aja and Salma Festival in Hail

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 September 2022
All You Need to Know About the Aja and Salma Festival in Hail

The Saudi Ministry of Culture is organizing the "Aja and Salma" festival in the city of Hail to revive the arts and traditions of the region between the two famous mountains, Aja and Salma.

The festival includes various cultural activities such as painting, theatre, music, culinary arts, and literature, as well as creative spaces for children, a holographic show that tells the historical tale of Aja and Salma, light shows on the sand dunes and surrounding mountains, a digital exhibition and other cultural, folkloric, artistic and literary performances that simulate the global cultures rooted in a nature similar to the terrain of Hail, including Saudi folklore, Moroccan folklore, Peruvian folklore, Mongolian folklore, Mexican folklore, African folklore, and Omani folklore.

This festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture, which aims to provide an integrated cultural experience for attendees to learn about the identity, heritage, and originality associated with the Hail region.

  • Where: Al-Mughwah Park
  • When: From September 29 to October 7

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