Is Compensation Provided for Lost Baggage or Flight Cancellations?

In short, yes. Read the article to know more.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 August 2023
Is Compensation Provided for Lost Baggage or Flight Cancellations?

A new executive regulation to safeguard passengers' rights has been adopted and will take effect on November 20, 2023, according to the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

A total of 30 articles in the rule ensure the passenger's entitlement to appropriate support, care, and reimbursement, which can range from 150 to 200 percent of the value of the ticket.

In the event of early flight departure, delayed departure, or flight cancellation, as well as in the event of refusal to board the aircraft due to overbooking and downgrading, compensation will be provided. According to the new regulations, some of these compensations are equal to 150 percent and 200 percent of the ticket value.

Passengers are now entitled to monetary compensation in the amount of SR6568 in the event that their luggage is lost, according to the new regulation. The passenger is entitled to cash compensation up to SR6568 in the event of baggage damage, defect, or delay.

A stopover site might be added to a flight that wasn't disclosed when booking the ticket, and the rule also guaranteed reimbursement to passengers in that situation. The regulation made clear the responsibilities of the air carrier and the passengers.

In addition, the regulations cover the rights and particular needs of passengers with disabilities. The regulations protected passengers' rights who were traveling on chartered flights, particularly during the annual Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

By offering the required assistance and attention, the new regulation aims to contribute to the improvement of air transport services, their efficiency, and the traveler's experience to and from Saudi Arabia and inside the Kingdom. The regulation also strives to safeguard passengers' rights to enjoy a safe, secure, and enjoyable journey.