UAE's Spinneys to Open First Store in Riyadh

UAE's Beloved Supermarket Expands to Saudi Arabia After a Groundbreaking Partnership Deal.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 21 May 2024
UAE's Spinneys to Open First Store in Riyadh

Get ready, Riyadh! Spinneys, the iconic UAE supermarket chain, is set to make its debut in the capital city, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership deal. Discover what's in store and when you can start shopping!

The decision to expand into Riyadh comes at a time when the demand for high-quality grocery options is on the rise in the Saudi capital. With Spinneys' reputation for offering premium products and a diverse selection, residents of Riyadh can look forward to a new shopping experience that caters to their needs.

The first Spinneys store in Riyadh will be located in La Strada Yard, a modern complex situated in the An Nuzhah district. Scheduled to open in June, this store will offer an extensive range of groceries, including fresh produce, gourmet items, and international specialties.

But the expansion doesn't stop there. A second Spinneys store is already in the works for the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), with plans to open in the fourth quarter of 2024. This strategic growth initiative reflects Spinneys' commitment to serving customers in key locations across Saudi Arabia.

Spinneys Riyadh aims to provide more than just groceries. With on-site facilities, a dedicated deli offering, and an in-store bakery serving freshly baked goods, customers can expect a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. Whether you're grabbing a quick meal or stocking up on pantry essentials, Spinneys has you covered.

Known for its focus on fresh and high-quality products, Spinneys has built a reputation for excellence in the UAE and Oman. By leveraging its global sourcing network and fostering relationships with local farmers, Spinneys ensures that customers have access to the best ingredients and exclusive offerings.

As Spinneys expands into Saudi Arabia, it remains committed to supporting local communities and promoting food security initiatives. Through programs like the Spinneys Farmers' Club, the supermarket chain aims to contribute to Saudi Arabia's agricultural sector while delivering value to customers.

With the arrival of Spinneys in Riyadh, residents can look forward to a new era of grocery shopping characterized by quality, variety, and convenience. Get ready to experience the best of Spinneys right in your neighborhood!

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