New Spots with a New Concept in Riyadh

Anew place in Riyadh with three stores that combine hertiage with food and coffee

  • Publish date: Sunday، 13 March 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 15 March 2022
New Spots with a New Concept in Riyadh

Have you ever visited a country to experience a new culture, yet you were surprised that there was nothing new? Modernism somehow blurred the lines between people’s identity and recently we have been living a cultural overlap.

In any given community, culture is what ties people together where language, art, values, and way of living define a single group of people. In Saudi, this connection might not be apparent to Saudis, yet it’s especially noticeable for the foreign eye.

Wandering through Ad-Diriyah streets, you will for sure live that unique cultural experience. A new place was spotted there with great potential; it’s a place that bridges the present with the past in the most artistic ways.

Alsenein Almadhiah Museum

A taste of authenticity, a window to history, an archaeological museum called Alsenein Almadhiah Museum. The past has never worn out in this museum, it is still breathing until this moment. It is like walking through the corridors of Saudi culture, you can see the way people were living in details; the tools and equipment they used to have. This place offers a time traveling experience. The gallery includes vintage objects like; telephones, radios, school books, tableware collections, washing machines. Not to mention the beauty of architecture of the place itself, the colored doors and those mud-built walls of the house. Come and take a look at this antique mirror reflecting a narrative record of the old days.


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With a beautiful shared open area, comes the Donfire with its sepciality in pizza to elevate this spot to really attractive hangout place. This place offers a neapolitan pizza that is cooked in four different flavors with reasonable prices. People are recommending the white mushroom pizza, the perfect balance taste when all ingredients meet together. The salsa Mexican pizza seems to be their signature dish, with its crunchy nachos on top, with parsley and jalapeno giving this paint that colorful finish of tasteful palate. A photo friendly place, and a lovely tasteful experience that you will have here.

Got Cookie?

This place is perfect for a post meal sweet, or a dessert break. A subsidiary coffee shop from the prominent Saudi coffee shop called Trieste. Trieste is known for their delectable cookies, so why not open a store specialized only on cookies? Got Cookie then was born. A pinkish narrow corner, with the most tender baking smell that offers cookies and some coffee. What makes this place distinctive is its decoration and location, loaded not only with chocolate but with heritage. Be ready to indulge in the most delicious creamy cookie.


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Location: Riyadh

District: Ad Diriyah

Address: 2914 نعيم بن مسعود، حي الفيصلية، 7833, Saudi Arabia, Ad Diriyah 13712, Saudi Arabia

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