Where to Take a Tea Break in Riyadh?

In every occasion, for all seasons, be it winter or summer; tea is the king of drinks during the day in Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Friday، 04 March 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 08 March 2022
Where to Take a Tea Break in Riyadh?

Earlene Grey once said “No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.” Especially in Saudi Arabia, where people admire a moment to take a sip of tea at all times. In every occasion, for all seasons, be it winter or summer; tea is the king of drinks during the day.

It’s usually served alone or with crackers, nuts and seeds, or simply with bread. When we look back in time, there were no specialty shops for tea in Riyadh, you can find it in small food stores "buffet” or coffee shops.

Yet, recently we have witnessed tea market flourish with the opening of specialized tea shops, starting as food trucks in the streets growing to the world of business.  


A cup of tea with a love of pie, that’s what it is all about. This store brings an old concept combining tea with bakery but putting much emphasis and focus on tea for all tea lovers. Finally, someone giving credit to the tea persona that is phenomenal and resilient.  Here you can order the classic black tea, the karak (tea mixed with milk), or ice tea with a selection of pies made with a verity of toppings.

District: AlYasmin District


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Bae3 Elshay

Passion is selling more than anything, a tea that is made with love by Bae3 Elshay “the tea man”. The idea came after visiting 6 countries: Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Santorini, Ayia Napa, Cuba, and southern Saudi Arabia, where tea is a culture. This shop was established upon the Covid-19 spreading, but it is the owner firm determination towards a brighter future that let this place take off to be the destination for all tea lovers in Riyadh. If you want to visit a place where tea is the star, you can go here to enjoy a selection of fine tea.

District: An Narjis District 

Abu Waleed Tea

An inspiring place with an emotional story, this store is owned by Abu Waleed – may his soul rest in peace- who started his business in a food truck in Abu Baker Street. Day after day, this old man became the lord of tea in Riyadh for his delicious Shay Jamr with Habak “tea with ocimum brewed on an open coal fire”. After gaining a successful reputation, he opened couple of stores around Riyadh. Now, you can visit this place and enjoy a mesmerizing moment while sipping your cup of tea.

District: AlMalqa District

5beer Alshay (Tea Expert) 

This place brings in that serenity and tranquility that we are looking for to get away from the world burdens. A calm ambiance covered with neutral colors everywhere, browns, whites and greens, and off course it meets your tea preference. It offers a selection of tea varieties and never neglects to serve some coffee. A sip of tea may not be the answer, but it’s definitely going to solve something inside your head.

District: Qortuba District

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