Cristiano Ronaldo Has High Praise for Saudi Arabia and the League

  • Publish date: Saturday، 26 August 2023
Cristiano Ronaldo Has High Praise for Saudi Arabia and the League

Cristiano Ronaldo, the popular leader of Al-Nassr, expressed his deep gratitude and happiness for his stay in Saudi Arabia in an unforgettable statement of appreciation. Notably, Ronaldo has described the Saudi league as a potential rival for the top football leagues in the world.

Ronaldo, the legendary star, shone in the spotlight with a spectacular hat-trick in a game marked by a deluge of goals from Al-Nassr against the hosts Al-Fath. Along with giving his squad a resounding victory, his outstanding performance highlighted his strong leadership qualities.

Ronaldo expressed, "My happiness knows no bounds in Saudi Arabia. I voiced this sentiment last year, and my belief holds strong: the Saudi league is poised to rival the world's most esteemed tournaments. It's impressive to witness the league attracting such esteemed talent."

 "My heartfelt gratitude goes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its gracious hospitality. My elation here fuels my determination to contribute my very best to Saudi football," he further added.

He concluded by saying, "We're on an upward trajectory of consistent improvement. The efforts of each player culminated in a remarkable match."

Several teams have made a wave of international signings during the current summer transfer window, laying the groundwork for an ambitious plan to elevate the Saudi league to a prominent place in the world.