Cristiano Ronaldo Performs Ardha Dance for Founding Day Celebrations

Ronaldo performs Ardha in an Indstagram video to celebrate Saudi's National Day.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 February 2023
Cristiano Ronaldo Performs Ardha Dance for Founding Day Celebrations

Portuguese superstar footballer of Al-Nassr Club, Cristiano Ronaldo, performed the Ardha folk dance, wearing the traditional Saudi garb, on Wednesday, February 22nd, for Founding Day celebrations.

Ronaldo posted an Instagram video in which he sipped on Saudi coffee and danced Ardha to popular Saudi songs.  The video was captioned "Happy Saudi Founding Day Everyone. That’s how we celebrate this special day at Al-Nassr FC.”

In the video, he also wielded a sword in the air while he danced alongside players and administrative staff of Al-Nassr. The dance was preceded by the recitation of a poetic verse and Ronaldo danced to the sound of beating drums, dressed in a thawb (ankle-length robe) and he also had a Saudi flag over his shoulder. 

Al-Nassr Club also shared a similar video on its Instagram of players and staff celebrating Founding Day. It is captioned "Three centuries of grandeur and glory; This is how we celebrated the Founding Day in Al-Nassr Club.”

The video has become viral on Instagram and Twitter in the Kingdom.

Image source: @alnassr_fc Instagram page

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