Emergency & Services Numbers that are Useful for Saudi Tourists

  • Publish date: Monday، 17 January 2022
Emergency & Services Numbers that are Useful for Saudi Tourists

For safety, it's crucial to know which numbers to call in case of an emergency before you travel. If you're planning to visit KSA, here are all the numbers you may need, including emergency services numbers in Saudi Arabia. 

Useful Numbers for Saudi Tourists

Whether you need information regarding any service in Saudi Arabia or looking for help during an emergency case, have a look at the following numbers:

Public security

  • Saudi Public Security: 989

  • General inquiries: 905

  • Emergency medical consultation: 937

  • General Directorate of Narcotics Control: 995

Consumer services

  • Municipal services: 940
  • Electricity company emergency: 933
  • Ministry of Transport emergency: 938
  • Ministry of Commerce consumer call center: 1900
  • Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Customer Service: +966920002814
  • Consumer protection: 935


  • Tourism Call Center: 930

  • Tourism International Call Center: +966920000890

  • Najm Company: 920000560

  • General Directorate of Passports: 992

Note that Najm is the only company that serves the insurance companies' clients in the insured vehicle in Saudi Arabia. 

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