Refund Policy for Hajj Pilgrims Explained by the Ministry

  • Publish date: Friday، 17 March 2023
Refund Policy for Hajj Pilgrims Explained by the Ministry

The refund policies for pilgrims inside Saudi Arabia who have registered for Hajj 2023 have been made public by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah both before and after the permit had been issued.

Domestic pilgrims who cancel before the 14th of Shawwal would receive a full refund if the permit has not yet been issued, as stated by the ministry. The pilgrim's fees for electronic services will be deducted in the event that the Hajj permit is denied.

After the 15th of Shawwal and up until the end of Dhul Qada, pilgrims who cancel their registration once the permit is issued, 10% of the contract value deducted will be charged in addition to the costs for e-services. The ministry declared that payments made after the first of Dhul Hijjah will not be reimbursed.

After Dhul Hijjah 1, pilgrims who are prevented from performing the Hajj because of emergency events like deaths, medical conditions, legal proceedings, traffic accidents entailing hospitalization, or Covid-19 infection will be exempt from the refund policy and fully reimbursed given they can provide documentation to support their claims.

The ministry also stated that in order to cancel a Hajj permit, one must use the Absher platform and then cancel a reservation using either the Nusuk app or the ministry's website.

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