Saudi Engineer Launches SaudiGovtGPT for Government Services

The AI model will respond to Saudi citizens and residents government queries.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 03 May 2023
Saudi Engineer Launches SaudiGovtGPT for Government Services

A Saudi engineer Fahd Alhazmi has launched KSA's first AI platform, which will help with citizens' and expatriates' government service enquiries. 

Alhazmi launched this AI technology because he witnessed family and friends struggling with accessing government services because they had to reach out to many sectors to secure the services they needed. The SaudiGovtGPT streamlines all these sectors in one conclusive statement. 

Amongst the 2,000 government services, the model can answer around 70% of inquiries because it is still in its initial stages of development.

The SaudiGovtGPT will cater to businesses and ease the multi-step procedures. The AI application will also serve expats and tourists in regard to all government services. 

SaudiGovtGPT is developed from the original GPT model, which is a language prediction model designed to generate text using machine learning. The SaudiGovtGPT can interpret different Arabic dialects as well.

This AI model is unique because it does not function by keyword matching instead, it works by semantic search, which relies on understanding the intent of the user. 

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