Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Here are some inspirations for Ramadan decor in 2024 and beyond

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 08 March 2023 Last update: Monday، 11 March 2024
Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Ramadan is a holy month celebrated by Muslims from all around the world. It is a month when Muslims fast from dawn till dusk and spend time in spiritual reflection. Ramadan is also a time to celebrate as Muslims get together with their family and friends for Iftar (meal to break the fast) in the evening.

To get into the spirit of Ramadan and create a spiritual and festive atmosphere in your home, here are some Ramadan décor ideas:

String Lights

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

There are string lights that have crescent and star designs that can be hung against curtains or walls. These lights shed a soft glow that helps create an ethereal atmosphere for prayer time. You can also suspend them on windows and balconies to reflect the festive vibes in your neighborhood. 

Fanous (Lantern)

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

The fanous (lantern) is an important part of Ramadan tradition. It is usually suspended in the streets and in markets, but it is also an essential home décor that exudes the ambiance of Ramadan. You can place the lantern at the dinner table during Iftar or it can be placed anywhere in the home to create a soothing atmosphere for this month of spirituality. The concept of lanterns originated in Egypt during the Fatimid Dynasty when the Caliph Al-Muʿizz li-Dīn Allah arrived in Egypt. The whole community welcomed him with lit up lanterns on the roads as the Caliph walked through the city.

Ramadan Tablecloths

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Another Ramadan decoration piece that stems from Egyptian traditions is the Khayamiya, an elaborately patterned and colorful textile, usually applied to the interior of tents, serving a dual function of shelter and ornament. However, it has become a staple of Ramadan home decorations thanks to its colorful nature and durable quilt like texture. You can use it as a cover for dining tables, side tables, coffee tables or it can even be displayed on the wall.

Mabkhara (Bakhoor Burner)

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

You can burn bakhoor (wood chips soaked in perfumed oils) in the incense burner mabkhara and your home will be filled with a rich and musky fragrance. Burning bakhoor creates a serene aura for spiritual practice, iftar, and suhoor. The use of bakhoor originates from Arabia’s nomadic Levantine tribes, who would burn chips to repel insects. You can get creative with your mabkhara, with some people choosing to go with ones made out of shiny metal while others decorate their mabkhara with small ornaments.

Ramadan Themed Tableware

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

For those iftar parties, it is important to use your best tableware for the evening. A porcelain dinnerware and tea set will add a fine look to the table. Ramadan-themed dinnerware, coffee and tea sets usually involve golden-rimmed cups, glasses, and plates. To enhance the Ramadan theme at your dinner table, you can get crescent-shaped trays for snacks or desserts.

Islamic Art

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Decorate your walls with Islamic art, which will bring vibrancy to your home with its vivid colors. You can also adorn your walls with Islamic calligraphy, depicting verses from the Quran (The holy book of Muslims).

Prayer Mats

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

You can get new prayer mats for your home or to take them with you to the mosque for Taraweeh prayers. There are various mats depicting intricate geometric patterns or minimalistic designs. Most prayer mats depict an archway (mihrab) that symbolizes the direction of the qibla, which is the Kaaba in Makkah. Restocking your collection of prayer mats also ensures that there are enough prayer mats available for guests during Iftar get-togethers. The prayer mat originated from the time of the Prophet Muahmmad (peace be upon him) as he prayed on a ‘khumrah’, which was a mat made of palm leaves.

Wreaths and Banners

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

You can decorate your doors or walls with Ramadan wreaths that either depict the crescent moon or the greeting “Ramadan Mubarak/Ramadan Kareem”. They mark the beginning of this holy month. On the other hand, you can also hang banners stating “Ramadan Mubarak” on your doors or walls.

Prayer Beads

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

A new set of prayer beads (misbaha or subha) are also essential for Ramadan. These prayer beads are used to recite Subhanallah (glorious is God), Alhamdulillah (all praise be to God), and Allahu Akbar (God is great). The beads help people concentrate during dhikr (remembrance of God). These beads are made from amber, black coral, ivory, and other materials. Beads come in all colors and styles and are often used as a decoration piece in a corner table alongside the holy Quran and a mabkhara, or displayed on a centerpiece or even displayed on a wall.

Quran Stand

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Ramadan is a time when people spend more time reciting or memorizing the Quran, so it is important to get a Quran stand (rehal or tawla). These are usually made of wood with carved geometric patterns, but other materials like glass and metal are also used to make them.

Make sure to enhance your Ramadan experience with such decorations to enhance the spiritual experience and spread the joy for yourself, your children, your loved ones, and your visitors.

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