Worshippers are Advised to Wear Face Masks in These Mosques

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 13 March 2024
Worshippers are Advised to Wear Face Masks in These Mosques

In response to the peak of Umrah season coinciding with Ramadan, Saudi authorities have urged worshippers visiting the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque in Medina to prioritize their health by wearing facemasks. This measure aims to safeguard both the pilgrims and others from potential infectious diseases.

Enhanced Measures for Smooth Umrah Experience

As the Umrah pilgrimage experiences a surge during Ramadan, Saudi authorities have implemented various measures to ensure the comfort and safety of worshippers. Designated areas within the mosques, including the courtyards and ground floors, are specifically allocated for Umrah pilgrims. Additionally, specific gates have been designated for entry and exit to manage the anticipated influx of worshippers and mitigate overcrowding concerns. These measures aim to facilitate a smooth and orderly pilgrimage experience for all participants.

Preparation for Increased Attendance

During Ramadan, the Grand Mosque in Mecca which is considered the Islam's holiest site, witnessed a significant increase in the number of worshippers, both from within Saudi Arabia and abroad. As such, authorities have taken proactive steps to accommodate the expected rise in attendance. By designating specific areas for Umrah pilgrims and implementing crowd control measures, Saudi authorities seek to ensure that worshippers can perform their religious rites comfortably and safely.

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