Saudi Cinema Audience Between Opinions & Preferences

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 October 2022
Saudi Cinema Audience Between Opinions & Preferences

Recently, comedies have captured the largest share of the attention of the cinema audience in Saudi Arabia, where they captured 60% of ticket sales; varying between Egyptian and foreign-language movies.

Four Egyptian comedies topped the list of the ten highest-grossing movies, including "Bahebak" with revenues of SAR 58,758,347, "Waafet Regala" with revenues of SAR 58,631,656, "For Zeko" with revenues of SAR 41,554,820, and "3amohom" with revenues of SAR 39,628,962. The list also includes the crime comedy film “Cruella” and the animated comedy movie "Minions Rise of Gru."

Saudi moviegoers spent about SAR 265 million on comedies, 54.2% of the total spending on the ten highest-grossing movies at the box office.

Arab films are increasingly taking over the box office despite the lack of supply; Out of 130 American films, only six have climbed to the list of highest-grossing movies, while there were 4 Egyptian films climbing to the list out of only 18 during the first nine months of this year.

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