There's a New Disappearing Artwork at AlUla You Won't Want to Miss!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 February 2024
There's a New Disappearing Artwork at AlUla You Won't Want to Miss!

AlUla, a prominent Saudi UNESCO World Heritage Site, has introduced a disappearing artwork titled "Hands from Sands" at Hegra. The massive creation, spanning over 100 meters, is the brainchild of renowned artist David Popa and is part of the I Care campaign initiated by the Royal Commission of AlUla.

Arts AlUla ICare Campaign: Hands from Sands

I Care Campaign Promoting Heritage Protection

Launched on February 1, the I Care campaign underscores the significance of safeguarding Saudi Arabia's historical landmarks. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the cultural heritage of the region and the need for its preservation. "Hands from Sands" at Hegra is a symbolic addition to this campaign, emphasizing the importance of protecting the environment surrounding historical sites.

Arts AlUla: ICare Campaign

Artistic Process and Environmental Message

Created using only "earth and water," Popa employed a drone to control the artistic process, capturing the creation of his largest artwork to date. The intentional use of materials that fade over time emphasizes the transient nature of the artwork and reinforces the campaign's message about the importance of preserving historical environments.

AlUla Arts Festival and Desert X AlUla

As part of the broader AlUla Arts Festival on February 9, the region's artistic heritage will be celebrated with a diverse array of exhibitions, street art tours, cinema screenings, contemporary art pieces, and outdoor installations. Notably, Desert X AlUla, showcasing site-specific artworks against the backdrop of the pristine desert, will contribute to the festival's celebration of art and culture.