TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

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TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a striking desert nation full of incredible attractions and sightseeing options catering to the interests of children, youngsters, middle-aged and elderly groups. However, in the past decades, there have been misconceptions and rumors about tourism in Saudi Arabia due to its strict enforcement of the Sharia Law, including the restrictions imposed on tourists during their travel. Still, if you look at it from a broader lens, you would realize that these differences in culture and traditions make every country unique and stand apart from each other. Tourism in the Kingdom varies in scenario and experience compared to other countries. Nevertheless, it is a memorable journey instilling wisdom and education about comparative cultures in our hearts. Let us explore the various activities you can do in this historical Kingdom based on your age group. 


The Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center

TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

If you want to challenge your kids to conquer their fear of heights and gaze at the beauty of life, then the Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center  in Riyadh is the perfect place to bring the mischievous souls. It is one of the top wonders of the Kingdom and should have been noticed during your trip to Saudi Arabia. It is located high on the 99th floor of the Kingdom Center (the third tallest skyscraper in the world) and offers sweeping views of the majestic capital city of Riyadh. As the Sky Bridge measures 65 meters in length, climbing on it can seem frightening at first, but it is just a matter of seconds before you start walking on it and admire the breathtaking landscape. Besides offering a panoramic viewing platform, it also hosts fine dining options inside the Kingdom Center. Be sure to attack this family-friendly attraction on your trip.

The Mystery At Novus

TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

Children and teenagers crave mystery and adore putting their thinking caps on when assigned a task as they get inspired by detective movies and shows becoming popular on Netflix. They are in for a treat if you take them to the Novus game . Located in Jeddah, it is a hit activity with plenty of tourists flocking to the Kingdom. In this game, you must form a team of 2 to 8 people, then choose a theme room where you will have to cleverly use your superpowers while racking your brains to battle the clues and puzzles you encounter inside to unlock your room. Beware of the time, as the clock will start ticking once you enter the room, and you have to achieve your mission within the given time limit. You can already feel your children’s adrenaline rush as you tell them about this adventure.

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia

TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

As we know, Saudi Arabia is known for its unique culture and traditions, which form its identity. The National Museum of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh is a must-visit, especially for constructing children’s general knowledge and education to broaden their scope of diversity and multiculturalism. This precious museum concentrates on Islam and hosts eight galleries around the Hajj and the two holy mosques. It thoroughly explores the unification of Saudi states and the relationship between man and the universe. Kids would surely be amazed by taking in the vast array of artifacts, manuscripts, antiques, and miniature displays, not forgetting the audio-visuals which will enlighten them about the priceless history of Saudi Arabia.


Shopping at the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah

TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

There is no better way to please your spouse than taking them shopping at the award-winning Red Sea Mall and treating them to the high-end products produced by prestigious brands worldwide and local Saudi ones. It is the biggest mall in Jeddah, and it calls for an entire day to spend here as there are numerous things to do apart from shopping, like the chain of popular restaurants in the food court featuring local Saudi dishes as well as international cuisines, exciting films at the cinema and the game arena for karting and bowling. So you must include this in your list when planning a trip with your partner.

Candlelight Dinner at The Globe

TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

If you wish to surprise your partner by getting inspired by romantic shows and movies, then The Globe at the top of the Al Faisaliah Tower is the perfect choice. Offering a taste of Europe in the Arabian sands, this attractive three-floor golden globe invites you for a mouth-watering a-la-carte menu while inhaling the impressive aroma. Remember to visit The Globe if you are keen to receive the luxury hospitality of the Saudis. 

Dance Along One of the Tallest Fountains in the World

TOP ATTRACTIONS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Your Next Bucket List for Travel

Ever imagined Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming in the heart of the Middle East? Your imagination becomes a reality when you stand near King Fahd’s Fountain in Jeddah and dance to the tunes of this man-made wonder. You are in the setting of the Arabian Nights as you observe the surroundings against the backdrop of the picturesque Red Sea. It becomes a perfect area for proposals at night when 500 LED spotlights illuminate the fountain and the surrounding areas. So what is stopping you from visiting this romantic attraction?


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has everything for everyone. Unfortunately, the deep-rooted stereotypes around this country have made all its attractions a mystery as tourists begin making assumptions and judgments without tending to further exploration. This article aims to erase all the illusions one has concerning Saudi Arabia and unravel all the gems this wonderful country has for you to explore. 

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