Will Smith Spotted Exploring Old Town in Jeddah!

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 December 2023
Will Smith Spotted Exploring Old Town in Jeddah!

Hollywood icon Will Smith, known for his roles in various blockbuster movies, made headlines as he explored the streets of Jeddah ahead of his participation in the esteemed Red Sea International Film Festival. The 55-year-old actor took time to explore Old Town Jeddah, immersing himself in the city's rich cultural heritage.

Red Sea Film Festival Participation

Smith, a prominent figure in the film industry, graced the commencement of the third edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival on November 30, 2023. During an exclusive interview, the actor shared, "Fame is a unique monster. I’ve had to be really careful." Smith concluded by saying he’s working on himself, admitting he is "deeply human" and "in the process of perfecting my virtue."

Will Smith's Reflective Moments

Before fulfilling his professional commitments at the film festival, Smith took to social media to share his moments exploring Old Town Jeddah. His posts reflected his admiration for the city's culture, demonstrating his keen interest in understanding and appreciating diverse cultures beyond his career obligations.


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