Kanye West was Spotted in AlUla, Sparking Rumors of Album Recording

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 November 2023
Kanye West was Spotted in AlUla, Sparking Rumors of Album Recording

Renowned American rapper Kanye West has been making headlines with his unexpected appearances across the Middle East. After being spotted in Riyadh and Dubai, the artist, known as Ye, has now been seen in AlUla, fueling rumors that he is recording his upcoming album in the Middle East.

An Instagram post from @hidden.ny featured Kanye in the desert, suggesting he's working on a project during his stay at Banyan Tree AlUla. While not the first artist to visit AlUla, Kanye West may become the first rapper to produce an album in this historic region, following in the footsteps of musicians like Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Lionel Ritchie, who have performed in the Maraya concert hall.


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Kanye's presence in the Middle East has stirred anticipation, especially after a meeting with musicians in Riyadh, where he confirmed the production of another album. James Prince, an American music executive, shared that he had already listened to the upcoming project.

Kanye's journey from Florence, Italy, where he previously worked on his album, to the Middle East has been marked by collaborations and previews of new songs. Despite facing challenges in securing a major distributor for his album since October 2022, Kanye's recent ventures in the Middle East suggest a newfound creative energy. Whether it's collaborating with The Giving Movement in Dubai or capturing the essence of AlUla for his music, Kanye West continues to leave an indelible mark in the region.

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