Four Arabs Among Variety's Impactful International Women of 2023 List

Here are the names of the Arab women who made it to Variety's list.

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 March 2023
Four Arabs Among Variety's Impactful International Women of 2023 List

Variety released its 'Impactful International Women of 2023' list, which is released for International Women's Day to celebrate women's achievements in show business and the list featured some Arab women including the CEO of Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) Jomana R Alrashid. 

Here are the Arab women featured in Variety's list:

Jomana R Alrashid (KSA)

Jomana R Alrashid is the CEO of Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) and Chairwoman of the Red Sea Film Festival. She has acquired a major stake in the podcast platform Thmanyah and has launched Manga Arabia magazine. Under her leadership, SRMG has partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery, and Bloomberg to create two platforms Asharq Discovery and Asharq Quicktake. 

Zeinab Abu Alsamh (KSA)

Zeinab Abu Alsamh is the General Manager of MBC Studios in Saudi Arabia.  Since taking her role in March 2020, Alsamh has greenlighted English language features like Kandahar, starring Gerard Butler, while also pushing for locally-produced content such as the big-budget fantasy-adventure series Rise of the Witches.

Karima Damir (UAE)

Karima Damir is the Director of A&R and Marketing at Sony Music Entertainment Middle East in the UAE. She has partnered with Ghmza Creative Studios and Craft Media to drive joint venture label Vibe Music Arabia towards the forefront of artist development. The label has signed with Bader Al Shuaibi and Bashar al-Shatti and they have pushed Elissa’s “Damer” and Hamaki’s “Ya Fetenny” to the top of the music charts. 

 Darrin J. Sallam (Jordan)

Darrin J. Sallam is the Jordanian director of the film Farha which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and became part of Oscar's international film selection. The film was launched on the streaming platform Netflix, featuring a young Palestinian girl as the protagonist.

The Women of Red Sea International Film Festival 

Faiza Ambah, Filmmaker and Arab Program Consultant (KSA); Jumana Zahid, Manager of Red Sea Lodge and Red Sea Film Foundation (KSA); and Shivani Pandya, Managing Director (UAE). All three women were an important part of making the Red Sea International Film Festival a success as it received 40,000 visitors. Through the festival, these women promoted Arab films to a local audience.  

Image source: SRMG website.

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