French Muslim Cycles Over 5,000 kilometer to Perform Hajj

  • Publish date: Sunday، 25 June 2023
French Muslim Cycles Over 5,000 kilometer to Perform Hajj

A Frenchman from Morocco named Nabil Ennasri recently arrived in Saudi Arabia after cycling more than 5,000 kilometers to perform Hajj.

On April 22nd, he left Paris for his journey, which has since taken him through 11 nations, including Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Jordan, and Turkey.

French Muslim Cycles Over 5,000 kilometer to Perform Hajj

Ennasri is a French affairs analyst, author, and activist who focuses on a range of social concerns, such as education and prejudice.

The 41-year-old stated that he intended to both bring back the historical Muslim practice of pilgrimage and raise awareness of global warming while posting updates from his journey on social media.

Explaining the significance of his journey, he added: “My first objective is to explain global warming; it is very important for our children and future generations.

“My second goal is to understand what kind of difficulties people (experienced) on pilgrimage in ancient times, to understand their long journeys on foot.”

Ennasri shared an emotional video of his arrival at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, in which he said: “It is difficult to express these feelings because your prayer is not the same as when you have been on a 57-day trip to come and pray at the Prophet’s Mosque, and when you take a seven-hour flight.”

The Saudi Cycling Federation extended a warm welcome to the French cyclist during his brief stop in Jeddah on his way to Makkah.

“Some members of my family also traveled on foot. It could have taken months or even years. Some lost their lives during the journey,” Ennasri said.

“When I remember these moments, I find the strength in me.”

Ennasri thinks his journey will encourage other Muslims and community members to reconsider how they approach travel in general.

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