Saudi Arabia Opens Hajj Registrations for Domestic Pilgrims

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 February 2024
Saudi Arabia Opens Hajj Registrations for Domestic Pilgrims

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has opened the registration for domestic pilgrims for Hajj 2024. 

Domestic pilgrims can register at the official Nusuk website.

Domestic pilgrims are offered four Hajj packages ranging from SR 4,099 to SR 13, 265.

All the package prices include value-added tax (VAT) but do not include transportation costs for travelling to and from Makkah by land or air. 

The Four Packages for Hajj

The most affordable package is the one that costs SR 4,099.75. Another package that costs SR 8,092.55 will offer hospitality camps in Mina. 

The third package costs SR10,366.10 and will include allotment camps with high-end services and comfort for pilgrims. 

The last package is the most expensive one at SR13,265.25 and this package will provide pilgrims with accommodations at one of the six towers, which are located near the Jamarat Bridge in Mina. 

The transportation costs for pilgrims for travel to and from Makkah will be added to the costs of the SR10,366.10 and the SR8,092.55 packages. 

The costs for transportation at the Holy Sites of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah by the Mashair train or buses will be added to the packages based on the location of the camp.

Another cost that is added to the packages is for the transportation to and from assembly points. 

The transportation between Holy Sites will be through the Mashair train only for pilgrims paying for the SR13,265.25 package. 

The costs of transportation for the SR 4,099.75 package will include travel from the pilgrim's residence in Makkah to the site of Mina to perform the stoning ritual. Transportation for this journey will include boarding buses. 

The costs of transportation in this package will also include the journey via the Mashair train for the days of Tashreeq (Dhul Hijjah 11, 12 and 13).

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